Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New style of rim

small vase
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While at the St Ives pottery I noticed quite a lot of pots with this style of double thickness rim, it seems to feature a lot in ancient chinese pots. I wasn't sure how to make it and couldn't find help on the subject but the other day I figured it out by accident although my method may not be the traditional one. I found that by creating a short neck then folding it over flat I get the result you see here, pretty much the same process as creating a rolled rim on a bowl except this is flattened out to remove the hollow in the middle. I've made quite a few like this now, the one in the picture is probably my favourite shaped pot I've made.


carter gillies said...

You could, I suppose, just leave it extra thick at the rim instead of thinning all the way through the top. This is a strategy you might also employ when making a split rim gallery for a covered jar. I sometimes caution my students to leave this extra thickness at the rim while making their pulls especially on things like bowls that take a lot of abuse from clattering spoons and forks. You can of course always thin it back out at the end as a finishing detail if you don't like the effect. Have fun!

Joe Troncale said...

No matter how you did it, it turned out really well. I love that shape with the thick rim.
Good job. I agree with Carter that it is possible to just not pull the top of the pot, but it is not easy (for me)to collar a thick rim.
Thanks for sharing the picture.